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    How to identify and expose scammers

    Create a custom link or document using Trackemdown and share it with a suspected fraudster.

    If there’s anything to worry about Trackemdown will let you know!

    Verify location

    Before closing a deal, find out if the other person is actually located where they claim to be.

    Number of clicks

    Analyze the number of clicks to make sure you are talking to one person rather than a team of hackers.

    Help the community

    Share your report and help quickly identify serial scammers. Stay safe online and make the Internet a better place for everyone.

    Let’s make the Internet a safer place together

    How it works

    Unique tracking links

    On the dashboard, use the menu option “New tracking” to create a custom tracking link.

    Choose a link, image or document you want to use as bait.

    Upload the file or paste the link into the corresponding text box and Trackemdown will generate a unique tracking link — send it to the suspected scammer.

    As soon as they click on it Trackemdown will begin its analysis.


    A scammer’s location can be spoofed with a VPN, but there are other criteria we can use to identify a fraudster.

    Using this unique “digital fingerprint” we can single out every user who has clicked on a tracking link.

    Now it’s time to dig deeper:

    Has the person who is clicking on your link already been flagged in our database? Are there clicks from multiple people instead of just one? Has another member of our community reported these clicks?

    Cross-referencing the tracking links

    This is where the power of a community comes into play.

    Suppose a Trackemdown user, Joe, was contacted by someone suspicious on Craigslist ( for example ) — or a dating site, or another online platform. Just to be safe, Joe sent a tracking link ( created on ) to the suspected fraudster. In further interactions it became clear that Joe was dealing with a scammer, so he reported the fraudster’s digital fingerprint on Trackemdown.

    You don’t know Joe, but right now you happen to be dealing with something fishy on the same platform too, so you create your own tracking link. The same scammer clicks on your link, but Joe has already reported him.

    The system recognizes the fraudster’s digital fingerprint: now you know that the person you are dealing with has been flagged as suspicious by another member of the community.

    Thanks, Joe, for saving you the trouble! Next time you might be the cautious one and save someone else from a similar trap.

    This is how Trackemdown rallies collective effort to make the Internet a safer place!

    One service

    To protect all of us from scammers

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    About Trackemdown

    I created Trackemdown because of a bad experience on Craigslist. I was selling my golf clubs, and everything was going fine until we got to the payment. The user told me his grandma had written him a check for it but added an extra zero by mistake. He asked me to take the check and send the extra money back to him over MoneyGram. Needless to say, I wanted to know if I was dealing with a scammer.
    Now with Trackemdown, I could see exactly where the user was contacting me from and whether he was working alone or with a team of people. Thanks to our active community I could also check if a scammer had been working out of the same location or off the same PC in the past. These key insights help us to stay safe when dealing with strangers online.
    Use Trackemdown where security matters most: online marketplaces, social media accounts, and dating websites. Join the community, avoid and expose scammers, and help make the Internet a safer place for everyone!

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